Guilt, Children, and A Nomadic Lifestyle

As our little family has grown to four and the kids are starting to grow up (we’re currently have a 3yo and an 18month old in the house), a feeling that has been nagging at me is one of guilt. However, this is isn’t just a simple feeling of guilt. Instead, rather, it is multifaceted guilt that cannot just be … Read More

Unschooling Location Independent Children

My husband and I grew up in two very different school systems. I grew up in the US school system, attending both public school and Catholic school. Meanwhile, my husband grew up in India, attending a Catholic school. While these two systems are different, they both focus upon the traditional style of learning—a set list of subjects and learning dates, … Read More

Where do you call home?

Where do you call home? - Our Global Love

One of the most common questions anyone gets when traveling is “where are you from” or “where do you call home?” Personally, I find that question so difficult to answer. I never really felt any true affinity to where I grew up. I was always ready to get out at the first chance I got (the rural Northeast in the … Read More

Improving Happiness

Improving your happiness

If we are truthful with ourselves, there are many times where we find that we are dissatisfied with our lives. I would be lying if I said I was always appreciative of the life that I have. I certainly have days where I get frustrated and burnt out with traveling, working online and having a “non-traditional” life as dictated by … Read More

Coping with Togetherness in Travel

Coping with Too Much Togetherness with Travel

Let’s be honest. Traveling the world as a family for an extended period can be exhausting and tensions can be high at times, not only between parents and children but between spouses as well. There have been several instances thus far in our trip where people have made a comment or two about being together all the time and how … Read More

Just let go…

Our Global Love- Pokhara Balloons

One of the beautiful things about our family’s recent travels is that it has taught me to simply let go and to let things happen as they may. As a new mother I was extremely anxious about others taking and handling my baby. I’m sure this must be a feeling that all new mothers experience and that I am not … Read More

Four Reasons to NOT Visit Kathmandu

Recently, we decided to take a jaunt to Kathmandu. Having never visited Nepal before, I was excited to see this city with everything I had heard about it. Granted the city is quite large, but like most tourists we ended up in Thamel–the tourist hub of the city. While we enjoyed our time in the city we were certainly ready to … Read More

The Village

When people talk about visiting India some of the first things that are mentioned are the noise, the pollution and the traffic not the hush and the solitude that can be found in such a busy and moving country. Given that most people enter the country through major airports and in the heart of the city, these are often the … Read More


I have found that sometimes being an expat can lead to feelings of isolation and homesickness. All you want to do is to get out, meet up with friends, and have a good cup of coffee or a drink. As the one-year mark is approaching of our time in India, I found myself starting to slip into this mindset. However, … Read More

Nepal Earthquake

Chances are you’ve heard about the Nepal Earthquake. At the time of writing this post it is reported that over 4,300 individuals have died and thousands injured. The earthquake happened in the early afternoon on Saturday and by early Tuesday morning media coverage has begun to dwindle. Obviously a disaster in one area does not stop news from occurring in … Read More