7 Things I Love about India

Abhi and I head back to the States next week and it’s hard to believe that our time here this year has gone by so quickly. Earlier I shared with you the seven things I love about living in the States. India, on the other hand, is a complex and magnificent culture that I am still learning more about everyday. Even though this country still has so much to teach me, I find it fitting and about time that I do a seven things I love about India post.
Everyone I have met in India has been warm and friendly. More than anything they are some of the most helpful people. Lost? Can’t find something? Looking for a place to eat? Anyone on the street is willing to help you out, give you an opinion, give you directions, or even show you there themselves.
2. The Food
Oh-emm-gee! I couldn’t stress enough how delicious the food is here. There is such a variety of options– veg, nonveg, sweet, savory, spicy, etc. And the best part about it is that every heap of food is delish. I have enjoyed tasting so many different types of dishes that I have developed so many favorites, they are another post in and of themselves.
3. The Colors
With 1.2 billion people, real estate is hard to come by. Needless to say this means that you have a ton of people in a limited amount of space. What does this have to do with color? Get a high enough vantage point and you will see a sea of color– bright oranges, pinks, yellow, green, blue, red (trust me I could go on). India is the land of color, from clothing, to accessories, to cars and trucks, to houses and temples and even painted animals such as cows and elephants. Everywhere you look there is color and it’s beautiful.
4. The Pride
The Indian people that I have encountered are also full of pride. They are proud in everything they do. They are proud of tehir country, of their work, of their religion and their families. Everyone I have had the pleasure of encountering simply exudes this pride. I won’t lie, I’m a little jealous of their pride and lack of my own pride at times, but I also find it quite inspiring.
5. The Landscape
When you think of the climate and landscape of India, people tend to think hot, dusty, and not a lot of green. I can personally say this is FAR from the case. The landscapes I have seen in India thus far have been incredible (maybe that’s why they call it Incredible India?). I have watched the landscape change from dry and brown dusty streets to lush green mango groves and sugar cane fields to open plains to snow capped peaks (and I’ve only been in north/central India!). Honestly though, the views have been absolutely breath taking and watching the changing landscape and the people out the care window on extended trips in India is probably one of my favorite things to do.
6. The Celebrations
Boy do Indians know how to celebrate! Almost on a daily basis you hear bands playing away and firecrackers exploding. During marriage season you’re bound to find yourself re-routed due to a marriage taking place in the street or traffic being blocked by the grooms procession. When Indians celebrate they do it in style and with lots of noise and fanfare. I think other countries would do well to follow suit and lighten up. Enjoy life!
7. The Luxuries
I know someone will probably have something to say about this but it still makes my list. I love the luxuries that are available in India. From drivers, to maids, to cheap spa treatments, to always having someone to help you in a store (although this bothers me sometimes too), I feel incredibly lucky to be able to afford these luxuries as they are not something I would spend my money on in the States. Some would argue that you shouldn’t partake in such luxuries as it is unfair. However, I would argue that those performing the service would still be making their living this way. In fact, I have the ability to pay them more (which we do) which is beneficial to them. It took me a while to get used to the idea, but it saddens me to think that I have to leave these luxuries behind when we head back to the States. They truly make life easier.

So that’s my list of things that I love about India. I’m sure I will either come to love these things even more or love new things I haven’t discovered yet in the future, but only time will tell.

Tell me, have you been to India or do you live in India? What tops your list of things you love about the country?

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