Celebrate Love!

Love really is an amazing thing. It can change your life entirely. I can’t imagine a world where I am restricted in who I am allowed to love. Unfortunately, this is a relatively new phenomenon and is not necessarily the case in all corners of the world. There are two things that are happening today that have made me step back and realize how lucky I am to be able to be in an intercultural relationship and exist peacefully in the world.

As I hear the sounds of the Pride Parade floating into my apartment through the window, it seems fitting that today is also Loving Day. The Pride Parade is a celebration of gay pride. The LGBTQ community throughout the world are still discriminated against and are looked down upon by society. They are told who they are and are not allowed to love and there are few places where they can get married and their marriage is considered valid. Who are we to tell them who to love?

Loving Day is a celebration of a Supreme Court case in the United States Loving v. Virginia.The case from 1967 examined the law that prohibited people of different races from marrying. After the initial trial (1958) in the lower courts the couple was given the option of three years in jail or to leave Virginia for twenty-five years. Eventually the case caught the interest of a group of lawyers who took the case to the Supreme Court where the law was examined. The result of the case was a unanimous vote by the judges to overturn the law. This is the reason that interracial and intercultural couples are permitted to marry in the U.S.

While being in an intercultural or inter-racial relationship certainly has its challenges, I think it’s important that all of us that are in these unique relationships take a minute to be thankful– thankful that we are able to be with the one we love.


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