Book Review: Dreaming in English by Laura Fitzgerald

Dreaming In English- Cover

I was thoroughly impressed by Laura Fitzgerald’s Veil of Roses, so as soon as I found out there was more to the story, a sequel called Dreaming in English, I headed to the library to check it out. It’s not often that a sequel out does the first book. However, I think that Fitzgerald did a wonderful job at continuing the story.

Dreaming in English continues the story of Iranian immigrant, Tamila Souroush, to the United States. It takes us through her journey and struggles of being an immigrant, meeting resistance from in-laws, a U.S. immigration interview and the simple joys and struggles of being newlyweds. As with Veil of Roses, I simply could not put this book down. While my situation is not the same as Tamila’s, there were times where I felt the book was hitting too close to home.

Fitzgerald does an excellent job at relating the struggles that intercultural couples go through, especially when there is resistance from loved ones. While she shares the negative, she pleasantly balances it with the joys of learning more about each other and another culture. Overall I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a light, chick lit book (A great book to take to the beach this summer!), who has an interest in intercultural relationships or who has an interest in what it is like to go through the American immigration process (although I must say my experience with Abhi was no where near as intimidating). If you haven’t read Veil of Roses, no worry, Fitzgerald includes enough info and background that you can easily pick up Dreaming in English and enjoy.

Also, I recently found out that Laura Fitzgerald herself is in an intercultural relationship (her husband is of Iranian decent). Yay for Global Love!

PS-I’m always looking for books about intercultural relationships, expat experiences and other cultures so if you have any suggestions please send them my way!

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  1. So glad to find someone else who has read this book. Actually, I read Veil of Roses last year and loved it but my library stlil has not purchased Dreaming in English (I put in a request last week though for them to purchase it). If they don’t order it soon I’ll just break down and buy it ๐Ÿ™‚ As for other recommendations I just finished reading The Disappeared by Kim Echlin about a cambodian boy who falls in love with an american girl. I loved the book. It’s not really a “light” read (it left me in tears more than once) but it was written in beautiful prose and I thought it was just lovely. I alos jut picked up a book by Thrity Umrigar called “If Today Be Sweet” that is supposed to be about an indian mother who visits her son in america and her son is married to an american woman. Should be interesting ๐Ÿ™‚ I”ll be happy to send more suggestions your way and you please do the same.

    1. Oh those both sound good, but especially “If Today Be Sweet”! I’ll have to try to find electronic versions to put on my e-reader for my trip ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much for the suggestions. If I find any other books I’ll be sure to post them.

  2. This keeps the audience enthralled. But not just the audience the author herself is equally fascinated by all that her work conjures up in others.

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