Change is in the Air

Fall is a season known for change. Where the trees are overtaken with red, orange and golden hues, leaves crunch underfoot, the apples are fresh and crisp and there’s an overabundance of pumpkin spice flavored goodies. Last year I missed this wonderful season when mothernature begins to prepare herself for the cold winter months looming in the distance. Instead, rather, I have gotten to experience the cool reprieve that follows the hot and sticky monsoon season. While I will miss the fall season again this year, change is no stranger.

As I mentioned in my last post Abhi and I have been very busy with work and that we haven’t gotten to go out and explore Incredible India as much as we would like to. However, we have had quite a project on our hands that has required a large devotion of our time and energy. If you’re a regular reader you know that Abhi and I spend half of our year in the U.S. and the second half of our year in India, if not you can read about it here. This requires constant moving and change, which hasn’t really given us a chance to set up a “home base.” For anyone who travels frequently I am sure you understand what we’re referring to.

Whenever we are in India, Abhi and I live with his parents. This has been a great opportunity for me to get to know my in-laws better and has truly been a beneficial experience. However, while we have our own room, it still lacks the feeling that it is “our” space. After much discussion between Abhi, myself, and my in-laws, it was decided that a space would be created that we could call our own. Together Abhi and I have had the opportunity to design a space that is uniquely ours which will be suitable for us now as a couple, and in the future as a family. So while we have been busy with work, we have also been busy with designing our space, working with masons and making our idea come to reality.

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There’s been lots of discussion, tons of redesign and lots of added stress, but I’m sure that it will all be worth it in the end. It’ll be nice to finally have a space of our own in India–especially since we anticipate the country hopping to continue for a couple more years at least. Needless to say, this project, which has been quite the undertaking, has really caused this trip to fly right past us. I can’t believe that we’ve been here for three months already and our trip back to the States is approaching so quickly.

Change is hard, but I feel it is often necessary. Even though the type of change that I’m experiencing right now is simply adding an addition onto the house, I find it to be more of a symbolic change. Since meeting Abhi I have changed drastically. However, I do not feel as though I have lost myself. Rather, I feel as though I am discovering who I want to be and what I want to do. I see these as positive changes that have come into my life. While I was not entirely ready to accept the changes as they came, I have learned to be grateful for them. I’m sure being in an intercultural relationship has played some role in the changes I have undergone lately or perhaps it is the fact that I have chosen to immerse myself in another culture. Although maybe it is simply that I have reached a point in my life where change is necessary for personal growth. I know many of you who read this blog are in intercultural/inter-racial relationships or travel. I’d love to get your thoughts on how such experiences influence changes that we see in ourselves.

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  1. When I met my (now) husband, I wasn’t looking to be in a relationship…and definitely not in an inter-cultural one. Regardless, I love (and have loved) the new experiences I’ve had since my husband and I met and got married.

    At one time, I kind of looked back (after we’d been married for a couple of years), and I remember thinking something along the lines of: this wasn’t where I saw my life going and this is not what I expected. BUT I am grateful and happy for the direction it took. Several years later, a contact of mine told me one of her favorite quotes is:

    “We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” ~E.M. Forster

    The quote stuck with me. It seemed to embody that feeling of being open to change and growing as a person.


    1. Thank you for sharing that quote and your story. I too find myself thinking about how different my life has turned out than what I had planned. But like you I am happy and grateful for where I am in life. I really think that quote sums up my thoughts about change well. Regardless of the plans we make for ourselves, life will happen as it will and we just have to be ready to go along on the ride 🙂

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