Dividing Our Lives: A Travelling Lifestyle

Abhi and I have been blessed to have our own business and to be able to travel as much as we like. This has enabled us to be able to travel relatively freely between both the US and India, dividing our lives between the two countries. With the two of us being from these two countries these have been our main focus of travel–spending time with his family, my family, and our already established life in the States. We recognize how truly blessed we have been to be able to do this. However, despite everyone telling us how lucky we are, we cannot help but acknowledge some of the challenges that it presents.

One of the biggest challenges that we have been faced with in living this travelling lifestyle is being in a constant state of transition. This state of transition was not helped by an extended road trip that was taken in 2012. As someone who has now lived in a state of transition for close to four years, let me be the first to tell you, it’s not easy. There is a constant nagging feeling that you are missing something. There are duplicates of everything and often those things that you do not have duplicates of you end up wanting when you are not where it is. Additionally, there is no sense of permanency; everything is always in a constant state of change. On the flip side, this makes you really good at “going with the flow” and being spontaneous. As things come up you can attend to them as needed, even if that means packing up and hitting the road. Beyond this, there are also complications regarding your financial situation, such as funding your travel and lifestyle, as well as dealing with taxes, deadlines for paperwork in multiple countries, and adhering to immigration and visa requirements.

roots-1418048-mNeedless to say, it all gets a bit exhausting. While Abhi and I are both relatively young, we have decided that the transient lifestyle has run its course (for now anyways). We are both wanting to start a family and move into the next stage of our lives. We have not been able to find that feeling of establishing “roots” and have a sense of permanent belonging given the lifestyle we have been living over the last four years. Many couples are able to live and thrive in such a lifestyle, but alas we have concluded that at this time it’s time to see what else is out there for us.

There is no doubt that we will continue to travel. We have family in both countries and will travel back and forth to visit. However, I feel (and I believe Abhi would agree with me) that it’s time to just press pause, find a sense of belonging, and a steady ground with firm footing. We have not made any permanent decisions (lol, maybe permanency just isn’t in the cards for us) but right now we are leaning towards spending more time in India. It is Abhi’s home and a culture I have fallen in love with. For now, let us test the waters and see how it goes. Who knows what our karma is and what is in store for us in the future? But I for one, am ready to take a breather and see what else life has in store for me…

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