Life Abroad (again…)

Oh my goodness how time flies! I can’t believe I haven’t posted since I’ve gotten here. Sorry to leave you wondering if we ever made it or if the volcanoes interrupted our plans. We made it safe and sound =). While I wish I could say that our time here has been adventurous and lots of trips have been taken and festivals attended, it simply isn’t the case this time.

Truth be told, this trip has mainly focused on work, with Abhi and I putting in 14-16hour days working on our business. Working so much is not bad when you are doing something you love. I have found that owning our own business has really given me the freedom to explore what I want to do with my life and has truly tested our relationship. It’s not easy working with your spouse all day, to “go home” and still be with your spouse. Honestly, its not uncommon for us both to become exhausted with each other. It has resulted in flaring tempers and disagreements, but it’s the way it goes in business sometimes. This is especially true when it becomes so difficult to separate work from home.

Putting work aside, I must admit that this extended trip to India has been personally trying for me. While I love the Indian culture and food, I am finding that it is much more difficult for me to adjust culturally this time. It does not take long for the traffic, noise and nuances of dealing with people of a different culture to get to me. This shortened ability to adapt has left me feeling stressed, but mostly exhausted. Even just a two hour jaunt out to the mall robs me of all of my energy. Although, I’m sure that my ability to adapt has been affected by health issues I have experienced since arriving in India. I’ve never taken so many antibiotics and still had the problem persist. Oy! It’s been a tumultuous time to say the least.

While it saddens me that I am not feeling the zest for Indian life that I experienced last time, I feel that what I am going through is natural. The last time I was in India was definitely the honeymoon stage where I thought everything was wonderful, especially with it being the first time I lived abroad and not in the US. Now I feel as though I am adjusting to Indian life and the honeymoon stage has worn off, now it is time for me to adjust. I’m hoping my outlook on Indian life improves over the rest of our trip. Perhaps a trip to a new city in India just to get away from the mundane work rut we have gotten ourselves into is just the cure for this.

Sorry about the rambling, I just got back on the blogging grid and wanted to give an update of our uneventful travels. I have quite a few emails and comments to respond to. If you messaged me I am trying to get through them all and promise a response soon =)

PS- Happy Dussehra!


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  1. Good to hear from you!
    What you are experiencing this time is normal, this part of the expat adjustment stages (they are a real thing), I blogged about it recently if you want to check:

    The first time around everything was new, you were exited, this time you know what to expect and therfore have a more critical outlook on things, but this isn’t bad, and don’t do the mistake I did back in the days of trying harder to embrace things around you. Locals are pissed off with noise, traffic, dirt and pollution, and come home drained from it all too, so don’t feel like you are reacting wrong 🙂

    1. Thanks Cyn! Your post was really helpful. I have definitely gone through some of these stages, and will continue to do so as we hop back and forth. Like you I also used to stick to wear traditional Indian clothing, however, I have come to have an Indo-western stytle since being here. Thanks again for the advice. I’m going to try to remember these stages so I know what to expect in the future. 🙂

  2. Its always hard to go back a second time especially if your first trip was amazing. But this time you get to focus on seeing the things you maybe didn’t notice before?

    1. You’re right. Since things are starting to become familiar I’m noticing other things that I didn’t notice before. It’s interesting- you start to feel comfortable and familar with a place yet you’re surprised constantly by new things you are discovering. Quite the experience!

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