Nepal Earthquake

Chances are you’ve heard about the Nepal Earthquake. At the time of writing this post it is reported that over 4,300 individuals have died and thousands injured. The earthquake happened in the early afternoon on Saturday and by early Tuesday morning media coverage has begun to dwindle. Obviously a disaster in one area does not stop news from occurring in another. Likewise, it is easy to exhaust the viewer with the constant and incessant coverage of a disaster. However, as has been seen in the past with many different disasters in many regions in the world, coverage ceases far before adequate help is provided.

A report seen on the news last night was covering the disastrous earthquake that happened in Haiti a couple of years ago. Many groups that were untrained and unskilled flew to the country with the good intention of helping, but ended up hindering and slowing down search and rescue efforts. While many of us may be saddened by the events and want to help those in need, perhaps the best way we can do so is to support those that have the talent to make a difference in the best way possible. If you have a medical background or are trained in disaster relief by all means I encourage you to see how you can assist the Nepali people. For others, like myself, I encourage you to give what you can to a charity that is working to assist with the efforts in Nepal. I personally believe that investigation should be made into the charity that you decide to donate to. Their track record should be looked at as well as the charity’s overall purpose and mission, and you should ensure that it aligns with your own values. Often individuals simply donate to whichever charity is convenient, which may lead to the unknowing support of a hidden agenda or underlying mission.

Below is a list of charities and opportunities to make a contribution to the relief efforts in Nepal. Please be sure to do thorough research before making any donation.


Do your part. Make a contribution and help encourage others to do the same.


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