Coping with Togetherness in Travel

Coping with Too Much Togetherness with Travel

Let’s be honest. Traveling the world as a family for an extended period can be exhausting and tensions can be high at times, not only between parents and children but between spouses as well. There have been several instances thus far in our trip where people have made a comment or two about being together all the time and how hard it must be. The truth of the matter for us, however, is that we spend most of our time together since we work, live, and travel together. This being said, it does not always have to be 24/7 togetherness. In fact, it is usually best for everyone involved, children and parents alike, that it is NOT 24/7 togetherness and efforts be made to cope with togetherness in travel.

It is perfectly normal to need alone time when we are at home. So why then should it be any different when traveling? It is just as important for each parent to have their alone time when traveling. This is something that we have made sure has happened while we have been visiting Nepal recently. Even though it is only an hour or two every day, it has helped bring sanity to myself and peace to our family overall (especially when that alone time is put into quiet meditation). I feel more at peace and I am able to get a break from any clinging, crying, or fussing that may be going on that day. It gives me a chance to recharge my internal battery, find something new on my own, or even find new people to talk to that I wouldn’t otherwise approach with my family in tow.

Just as I have my alone time, my husband also has his alone time. I take over watching the little one while he runs errands that we may need run, works in a cafe, takes a trek, or explores the town on his own. It also helps his sanity to take a break and recharge on his own for a little bit. Not only is getting a break important for our own sanity but I believe it makes us better parents and better spouses. We are able to take time to focus on ourselves so that we can be our best person for others. Plus, an added bonus is it gives us something interesting to talk about since we can share our different experiences with each other that we have had while out by ourselves.

If you are thinking about traveling but are worried about too much togetherness, make sure that you talk to each other and determine a schedule that gives each other some of your own time to recharge. This is important whether you are traveling as a family or simply with a group. This has proven to make our travels more enjoyable for both of us and it has helped us become an even stronger team. So if your excuse of not traveling is that you can’t stand that much togetherness, us this as a solution and get out there!

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