Improving Happiness

Improving your happiness

If we are truthful with ourselves, there are many times where we find that we are dissatisfied with our lives. I would be lying if I said I was always appreciative of the life that I have. I certainly have days where I get frustrated and burnt out with traveling, working online and having a “non-traditional” life as dictated by society. I recently read an article that focuses on dissatisfaction with life and being attached to our “ideal” life.

Many of the points made in this article are spot on. The days I feel down or frustrated with my life are the days that I compare my actual life with my ideal life, be it the types of relationships I wish I had, my ideal job, etc. However, once I begin focusing on my actual life my whole outlook becomes more satisfied and I become happier. This becomes especially apparent when others tell you how lucky you are to work for yourself and to travel as you wish. Based on this theory there is a simple method for improving happiness in your life that be easily done by anyone.

Change the color of lens through which you view your life.

This method does not make actual improvements in your life. It won’t give you a new job, change your relationships, etc. However, having a positive outlook on life and appreciating what you have can do wonders towards improving your happiness. I have found that throughout my life whenever I have made a conscious effort to let life happen as it may and to be happy with what my life is at its current point, things work out in the end and I’m all the happier because of it.

Therefore, I challenge you to take a second and be appreciative for what your life is at this current point in time. Sure you may wish you had better relationships, a job that pays more, and a life closer to your ideal life, but make an effort to appreciate and be thankful for what your life actually is. Realize that an ideal life is unlikely to come to fruition (some relationships are out of your control), and if you are lucky enough that it does, be thankful.

By simply being appreciative and thankful for your actual life you can become happier and you may come closer to your ideal life than you ever thought possible. Go ahead and give it a try.



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