Cross Your Fingers

I’ve been a terrible blogger. This blog has been neglected and I haven’t posted in forever even though I have lots of ideas to post on. There’s just one giant teensy weensy thing that’s been getting in the way. PACKING! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have no idea how the two of us have accumulated so much stuff! Even after donating lots, we still have a ton of useless stuff that we have no idea why it was ever purchased. I’m sure most of you can relate. But rather than bore you with my packing woes this post is about something that made my heart skip a beat when I looked at the news online today.


I mean this isn’t something SO super serious– if we weren’t leaving the US in a little over a week and we didn’t have a history related to this. Maybe you’ve heard, maybe you haven’t. There’s been a lot of activity at Hekla in Iceland. Hekla is a volcano in Iceland that has a short fuse and gives little warning before erupting hot lava and sending ash plumes into the air.


If you’ve been following this blog you might remember my experience with the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokul volcano that erupted in 2010 that I talked about here. Let me recap. Abhi and I went to India for the first time together in April of 2010 to get married. My family was scheduled to land in India a couple of days before the wedding. I was able to see the lava from the plane but we made it to India safe and sound. My family on the other hand was not so fortunate and their plane was grounded and the wedding was missed altogether 🙁 .


Earlier this year (shortly after we arrived back in the U.S.) the Grimsvotn volcano, another volcano in Iceland erupted. We joked about how we kept having good luck with missing the erupting volcanoes and still being able to get to our destinations. Lets hope that the luck we joked about stays with us, as Hekla is getting ready to blow. So while Abhi and I cross our fingers, toes, eyes and hairs that this thing doesn’t blow before we get past it, I’m going to keep packing. If you get a chance cross your fingers too and hopefully everyone will be spared from the “Hell on Earth” as they’re calling it and that travel and airspace won’t be too affected if it does erupt.


I promise to get to more fun and light hearted things soon but it might have to wait until we get solid footing again in India– if the packing doesn’t take me out first.

What have your travel experiences been like? Any crazy travel related stories related to weather or volcanoes?

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