Discovering the World

One of the best advantages of being in an intercultural relationship is that it is easy to find excuses to travel. My favorite excuse? “We’re going to visit family!”

Prior to marrying Abhi I had never traveled outside of the United States. I always knew there was a great, fantastic world out there that I wanted to visit. I just hadn’t figured out how or when. Marrying Abhi answered all the questions I had.

We traveled to India to get married in early 2010. As the famous expression goes: the rest is history. Our first trip to India included so many firsts for me- first passport, first time out of the country, first time meeting Abhi’s family, first time visiting the Himalaya Mountains, first time sleeping in airports, etc.

I loved absolutely every single second of it!

It wasn’t long that we decided to go back again, this time for an extended visit. We left three months after we got back and spent the remainder of 2010 and rang in 2011 in incredible India. Does it come as a surprise that we’re trying to figure out when we can visit again?


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