Hi all! Things have been super, crazy, hectic but it’s all been worth it. Remember how this blog started with me talking about my time in India here and hereand how I wanted to go back? Well, I’ve got exciting news…

Abhi and I are headed back to India! **insert happy dance here** Are we excited? YES. Didn’t we just get back to the States in February after five months in India? YES. Didn’t we just finish moving and unpacking all of our stuff into our awesome apartment? YES. Are we insane? Well, maybe… but I love it, lol.

It’s official, we are now globetrotters. With both us being from different countries and cultures we were struggling to find a decent balance between the two that both hold dear. Since our jobs are online and there’s nothing tying us down why not spend our time in both countries? Yes we just got back, but we still have a little over a month in the States before we head to India. I’m super psyched and ready to enjoy the warm weather, wonderful people and delicious food and all the craziness that is India.

I wouldn’t say I was very adventurous in high school or even college, but since meeting and marrying Abhi I have an entirely new perspective on life. I now see life as one big adventure and every opportunity to experience something new, different and even a little outside my comfort zone should be taken. That’s what makes a person’s life rich.

In the process of moving we are offloading a lot of our “stuff”. We simply have too much of it, most of which has not been used since we got back. Rather than continue to move this stuff back and forth from storage to wherever we end up we are getting rid of it. I’ve realized just how much “stuff” we collect, for no rhyme or reason, just to say that we have it or because others expect us to have it. Let me tell you this, I would rather be judged on the person I am and what I have done in my life rather than the stuff that I own.

Here’s to a new, simple, mobile, wonderful, adventurous life!

I’m off to keep going through stuff and packing. Heck, while I’m at it I might even get a glass of wine to celebrate. Jai ho!


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  1. How exciting! I totally understand what you mean about all that stuff! Definitely helps to unload. I think it sounds like a fabulous idea for you two to split your time between your two homes.

  2. Yeah! I’m not sure if I’ll make it North while you are there, we are going through a big whirlwind right now with yet another possible move cross country (back to Mumbai…ugh!)

    I hear ya on getting rid of stuff you don’t use, I did ton of that last year in June when we were in the process of shifting in Mumbai, and then did again quite a lot of clearing in Jan-Feb this year when we were in the process of shifting back to Bangalore, now I have no idea if the back to Mumbai move will happen, but when we know more I will go throw some more rubbish away, hopefully one day we will have less junk in our home, though of course this is an utopia, whatever useless we get rid off, we always find to seem some more accumulating with each passing months or years πŸ™‚

    1. Another move to Mumbai?! Good luck, hopefully everything will work out and that can be avoided **fingers crossed**

      As for coming North, no worries if you can’t make it. I’m sure I’ll be there plenty of more times to come and hopefully something will work out. πŸ™‚

  3. What fantastic news! I can feel the joy in your words ~ I am excited FOR YOU. Keep living your adventure and embracing every serendipitous day wherever you are! Unload the stuff and just BE!!

    Came here from SITS, and so happy I did! Can’t wait to read more πŸ™‚

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