The Beginning

Welcome to Our Global Love! This blog is the story of our intercultural relationship and everything that goes with it– the ups and downs, sadness and joy and everything in between.

First things first, let’s introduce ourselves. My name is Jessica, a small town white American Girl. My husband’s name is Abhi, a brilliant guy from North India. Abhi was in the US studying for his Master’s degree, while I was in the same city going for my Undergrad degree. Out of boredom I joined an online dating site. Abhi had also joined this site and our profiles eventually linked up.
Once we met each other online we chatted back and forth for quite sometime (by that I mean over a year). We were both engrossed in our studies and weren’t ready to make a commitment yet. As time went on our chats fizzled and were becoming more infrequent. As graduation approached for both of us we found each other again. It wasn’t long after graduation that we decided to finally meet in person.

Honestly, we’ve been together ever since the first day we met. I found Abhi exciting and interesting. He had so much to teach me and I had so much to teach him. I think that’s what makes us click– we’re constantly teaching each other something new.  You know how when you’re trying to unlock with a key and you can feel it click into place? That’s the best way to describe it– we just clicked.

From there we had a whirlwind romance. We soaked up as much time as we possibly could together. We felt like we had known each other forever. Within three months we had both decided we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We found a judge, had my parents and sister over and got married. Months later we traveled to India (my first time ever out of the US and the first time meeting Abhi’s family) and had a formal, pool-side Indian-style wedding.

We will be married for two years this year. After living in the US and spending the last six months in India we’ve experienced being in an intercultural relationship in both cultures. We know it can be stressful and we know there are others out there like us. For more information about who we are click here. We hope that you will join us on our journey as we share our story.

With love,

Jessica & Abhi


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    1. It’s funny how things work out. I know several other couples who met the same way. All I know is I’m glad things worked out the way they did. 🙂

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