Time Flies- Now in India

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. It’s been an eternity since I have posted and so much has happened in our lives. As I last posted, Abhi and I have been wanting to settle down given the stress and exhaustion that comes from living in a constant state of transition. Well… we have done just that. While most would assume that the natural choice would be to transition to the US full-time, we have done the opposite.

For the last five years that we have been moving back and forth we have maintained a storage unit full of what we thought we “needed.” You know, all the board games, numerous kitchen utensils, and countless electronic wires that you just have to hold on to because you never know when you are going to need one, etc. I don’t know why exactly, but after five years of hording this crap, we finally liquidated our storage. We sold as much as we could, donated some and gave the rest away to family and friends. Being in India suits both of our personalities and thus, we headed to India on a one-way ticket.

Jaipur-Back-of-Amer-Fort-OGLNeedless to say, next month will be the one-year anniversary of being in India. If you would have asked me even three years ago if we would ever be in India full time I would have said you were crazy. However, as fate would have it, here we are. We love it. There’s no looming sense of having to uproot everything to head back to the other country. Of course there are the obvious things like missing family, organized traffic, certain foods, etc. But all-in-all life here in India is pretty great and we are making the most of it. Luckily we always have the option available to us to go back to the States if we wish but for now we are both content with being in one country and being able to focus on where we are at in our lives and what it is that we really want to do.


Here’s to being an official expat in India. Cheers!

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