Just let go…

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One of the beautiful things about our family’s recent travels is that it has taught me to simply let go and to let things happen as they may. As a new mother I was extremely anxious about others taking and handling my baby. I’m sure this must be a feeling that all new mothers experience and that I am not the only one. Your little one is your own little bundle of joy and you want to keep it all to yourself. What if someone coughs on him or puts germs on him and then he gets sick? What if someone tries to feed him? What if someone accidentally drops him or he gets injured when with someone else? All of these were thoughts that would constantly go through my mind whenever I would be around others with my little one.


Perhaps it is the traveling or perhaps it is that he is simply getting older, I am realizing that sometimes you have to just let go. Chances are the people that are holding, playing, or carrying your little one has done it before and has some idea of what they are doing. As we have traveled around for some time now I am becoming less anxious whenever someone wants to hold my little one. In fact, many times I am grateful as it gives me a mini break. I won’t lie, I still get anxious if someone takes him out of my line of sight and will get up to go and find him and take him back if I have to, but I realize that it is important for both of us to just let go. It helps me as it gives me a chance to breathe and regroup and it is important for my little one as he gets to socialize.


Sure there are still times when I am concerned and some people that I won’t let hold him or interact too closely with. As a parent there are always those things nagging at the back of your brain as to what could happen and you want to take measures to prevent such things. However, for the most part, people are good and they just want to help you out and enjoy themselves. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that. To all the mothers out there I say to you–keep your little ones close, love them and hug them, but you owe it to both of yourselves to let go; let them explore and experience life and give yourself a chance to breathe and regroup.

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