Guilt, Children, and A Nomadic Lifestyle

As our little family has grown to four and the kids are starting to grow up (we’re currently have a 3yo and an 18month old in the house), a feeling that has been nagging at me is one of guilt. However, this is isn’t just a simple feeling of guilt. Instead, rather, it is multifaceted guilt that cannot just be … Read More

The Village

When people talk about visiting India some of the first things that are mentioned are the noise, the pollution and the traffic not the hush and the solitude that can be found in such a busy and moving country. Given that most people enter the country through major airports and in the heart of the city, these are often the … Read More

Culture Attack

As anybody who has lived in a foreign place for an extended period of time knows, there are many different stages that you go through regarding culture shock. After perusing the Internet, the inefficient way in which I spend too much of my time, I stumbled across an excellent blog that goes into detail about the different types of culture … Read More

7 Things I Love about India

Abhi and I head back to the States next week and it’s hard to believe that our time here this year has gone by so quickly. Earlier I shared with you the seven things I love about living in the States. India, on the other hand, is a complex and magnificent culture that I am still learning more about everyday. … Read More

Life Abroad (again…)

Oh my goodness how time flies! I can’t believe I haven’t posted since I’ve gotten here. Sorry to leave you wondering if we ever made it or if the volcanoes interrupted our plans. We made it safe and sound =). While I wish I could say that our time here has been adventurous and lots of trips have been taken … Read More

7 Things I Love about Living in the States

It was a beautiful day today with the sun shining and a nice cool breeze blowing, so Abhi and I went to the park today to enjoy our lunch. While we ate our lunch we began discussing the things we like the most about living in the States. In having this discussion I realized that I haven’t taken the time … Read More


Hi all! Things have been super, crazy, hectic but it’s all been worth it. Remember how this blog started with me talking about my time in India here and hereand how I wanted to go back? Well, I’ve got exciting news…

Don’t blink

It really is amazing to me how quickly time is flying by. My recent trip to India which was almost six months seemed to pass in just a matter of weeks. If I’m already feeling like this I can only imagine how I will feel once I have children! All these feelings have come up today because at this time … Read More

Book Review: Veil of Roses by Laura Fitzgerald

Veil of Roses by Laura Fitzgerald

I recently had a reader suggest the book Veil of Roses by Laura Fitzgerald (Fiction). Being an avid reader and just finishing up another a book I headed over the library to see if I could find it. The local library carried it and I took it home. I honestly could not put this book down once I started. I … Read More

Finding your culture pt 2

I’ve been thinking about my previous post on Finding your culture and I have some additional thoughts and questions to pose. In my last post I discussed how we are searching for a culture where we belong or fit in. I’ve been thinking that perhaps this is the reason why we enter into intercultural relationships to begin with, even if … Read More