Finding your culture

Growing up in a small town I often felt like I didn’t fit in. Yes I looked like everyone else but my way of thinking and desires were different. I found myself getting lost in books and feeling unsatisfied with the community where I lived. I went to school several hours away in a big city. I felt more comfortable … Read More

Who wears the pants?

Today let’s discuss gender roles. I know I’ve discussed this previously on my old blog but I still think it’s a relevant topic. I’m all for Women’s Rights and Equality. I think that this is vital to to the advancement of society. But are we really practicing what we preach?

Living in Another Culture

(Sorry ahead of time for the long post!) Abhi and I moved back to the US recently after spending the last five months living in India. When people ask me what it was like I find myself at a loss for words. I cannot formulate a description that would be adequate of my experience. I still find it hard to … Read More