Nepal Earthquake

Chances are you’ve heard about the Nepal Earthquake. At the time of writing this post it is reported that over 4,300 individuals have died and thousands injured. The earthquake happened in the early afternoon on Saturday and by early Tuesday morning media coverage has begun to dwindle. Obviously a disaster in one area does not stop news from occurring in … Read More

Dividing Our Lives: A Travelling Lifestyle

Abhi and I have been blessed to have our own business and to be able to travel as much as we like. This has enabled us to be able to travel relatively freely between both the US and India, dividing our lives between the two countries. With the two of us being from these two countries these have been our … Read More

Being in an interracial relationship

So a new found interest of mine is to browse the website Buzzfeed. I probably am on that site way more than I should be. Recently the site has had quite a few posts regarding interracial relationships. Interracial relationships can be defined in many different ways. While I prefer to use the term intercultural to define my relationship, interracial is … Read More

The Award Goes To…

The internet is filled with thousands upon thousands of blogs on a variety of topics. While the authors of these blogs carry on and continue to blog, I think it is important to give them kudos and let them know that readers care about what they have to say. While I read tons of blogs including food blogs, mommy blogs … Read More