Improving Happiness

Improving your happiness

If we are truthful with ourselves, there are many times where we find that we are dissatisfied with our lives. I would be lying if I said I was always appreciative of the life that I have. I certainly have days where I get frustrated and burnt out with traveling, working online and having a “non-traditional” life as dictated by … Read More

Dividing Our Lives: A Travelling Lifestyle

Abhi and I have been blessed to have our own business and to be able to travel as much as we like. This has enabled us to be able to travel relatively freely between both the US and India, dividing our lives between the two countries. With the two of us being from these two countries these have been our … Read More

Culture Attack

As anybody who has lived in a foreign place for an extended period of time knows, there are many different stages that you go through regarding culture shock. After perusing the Internet, the inefficient way in which I spend too much of my time, I stumbled across an excellent blog that goes into detail about the different types of culture … Read More

Personal Growth

2014 brings to us a new year. It’s hard to believe that it has been so long since I have been blogging. So much has happened over the last year and I have grown tremendously as a person. As I began getting ready to get the blog back up and running, I took the time to look over some of … Read More