Being in an interracial relationship

So a new found interest of mine is to browse the website Buzzfeed. I probably am on that site way more than I should be. Recently the site has had quite a few posts regarding interracial relationships. Interracial relationships can be defined in many different ways. While I prefer to use the term intercultural to define my relationship, interracial is … Read More

Celebrate Love!

Love really is an amazing thing. It can change your life entirely. I can’t imagine a world where I am restricted in who I am allowed to love. Unfortunately, this is a relatively new phenomenon and is not necessarily the case in all corners of the world. There are two things that are happening today that have made me step … Read More

Book Review: Dreaming in English by Laura Fitzgerald

Dreaming In English- Cover

I was thoroughly impressed by Laura Fitzgerald’s Veil of Roses, so as soon as I found out there was more to the story, a sequel called Dreaming in English, I headed to the library to check it out. It’s not often that a sequel out does the first book. However, I think that Fitzgerald did a wonderful job at continuing … Read More

Don’t blink

It really is amazing to me how quickly time is flying by. My recent trip to India which was almost six months seemed to pass in just a matter of weeks. If I’m already feeling like this I can only imagine how I will feel once I have children! All these feelings have come up today because at this time … Read More

Book Review: Veil of Roses by Laura Fitzgerald

Veil of Roses by Laura Fitzgerald

I recently had a reader suggest the book Veil of Roses by Laura Fitzgerald (Fiction). Being an avid reader and just finishing up another a book I headed over the library to see if I could find it. The local library carried it and I took it home. I honestly could not put this book down once I started. I … Read More

Who wears the pants?

Today let’s discuss gender roles. I know I’ve discussed this previously on my old blog but I still think it’s a relevant topic. I’m all for Women’s Rights and Equality. I think that this is vital to to the advancement of society. But are we really practicing what we preach?

Being in an Intercultural Relationship

To me being in an intercultural relationship is like being in any other kind of relationship. They all take work. You’ll always have disagreements, misunderstanding and miss-communication. It’s simply a fact of life. While others may notice the difference between our races all we see is someone who we get to spend rest of our lives with. Even though intercultural … Read More

The Beginning

Welcome to Our Global Love! This blog is the story of our intercultural relationship and everything that goes with it– the ups and downs, sadness and joy and everything in between. First things first, let’s introduce ourselves. My name is Jessica, a small town white American Girl. My husband’s name is Abhi, a brilliant guy from North India. Abhi was … Read More