Where do you call home?

Where do you call home? - Our Global Love

One of the most common questions anyone gets when traveling is “where are you from” or “where do you call home?” Personally, I find that question so difficult to answer. I never really felt any true affinity to where I grew up. I was always ready to get out at the first chance I got (the rural Northeast in the … Read More

Coping with Togetherness in Travel

Coping with Too Much Togetherness with Travel

Let’s be honest. Traveling the world as a family for an extended period can be exhausting and tensions can be high at times, not only between parents and children but between spouses as well. There have been several instances thus far in our trip where people have made a comment or two about being together all the time and how … Read More

Just let go…

Our Global Love- Pokhara Balloons

One of the beautiful things about our family’s recent travels is that it has taught me to simply let go and to let things happen as they may. As a new mother I was extremely anxious about others taking and handling my baby. I’m sure this must be a feeling that all new mothers experience and that I am not … Read More

Four Reasons to NOT Visit Kathmandu

Recently, we decided to take a jaunt to Kathmandu. Having never visited Nepal before, I was excited to see this city with everything I had heard about it. Granted the city is quite large, but like most tourists we ended up in Thamel–the tourist hub of the city. While we enjoyed our time in the city we were certainly ready to … Read More

Dividing Our Lives: A Travelling Lifestyle

Abhi and I have been blessed to have our own business and to be able to travel as much as we like. This has enabled us to be able to travel relatively freely between both the US and India, dividing our lives between the two countries. With the two of us being from these two countries these have been our … Read More

Culture Attack

As anybody who has lived in a foreign place for an extended period of time knows, there are many different stages that you go through regarding culture shock. After perusing the Internet, the inefficient way in which I spend too much of my time, I stumbled across an excellent blog that goes into detail about the different types of culture … Read More

The Sun Rises

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA. Abhi and I went out of station on a tour of Agra and Jaipur and then to Dudhwa National Park (details to follow soon). I was welcomed home by a non-functioning site that had been taken down by hackers. Lovely, not! Any-who, after finally finding a back up, I was able to restore my … Read More

Life Abroad (again…)

Oh my goodness how time flies! I can’t believe I haven’t posted since I’ve gotten here. Sorry to leave you wondering if we ever made it or if the volcanoes interrupted our plans. We made it safe and sound =). While I wish I could say that our time here has been adventurous and lots of trips have been taken … Read More

Cross Your Fingers

I’ve been a terrible blogger. This blog has been neglected and I haven’t posted in forever even though I have lots of ideas to post on. There’s just one giant teensy weensy thing that’s been getting in the way. PACKING! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have no idea how the two of us have accumulated … Read More


Hi all! Things have been super, crazy, hectic but it’s all been worth it. Remember how this blog started with me talking about my time in India here and hereand how I wanted to go back? Well, I’ve got exciting news…