Our Global Love was initially started as a blog to share the story of our international relationship and with the goal of meeting other couples like us. Like all good things, over time the blog has evolved just as we as a family have evolved. Since 2009 we have gone through a whirlwind romance, an international marriage, quit our jobs, began living an independent lifestyle, experienced the birth of our son ‘DS’ in 2014, and most recently in 2016 grew to a family of four with the birth of our daughter ‘DD’.


The blog is primarily written by Jessica, yet Abhi chimes in from time to time when he feels inspired. We met online in 2009 while going to school in the same city in the US. Three short months after meeting we were married and ready to start our adventure. We then traveled to India in 2010 for a traditional Indian ceremony and reception and have been navigating the beauty of an intercultural relationship ever since.


Being in an intercultural relationship has allowed us to fully embrace our love for the different aspects of each of our cultures and to meld them together within our family. Certainly, intercultural relationships can be fraught with challenges – the acceptance by each partner’s family, functioning successfully in each partner’s culture, differences in communication, etc. –but they are all part of the journey. Through this blog, we share this journey with you and all the craziness that it entails.


Now onto yours truly…


I grew up in a small town in rural Pennsylvania and honestly didn’t have much exposure the world or other cultures. However, I have always found the world interesting and wanted to travel to experience it myself. I never sought out an intercultural relationship but as fate would have it here we are. My first trip to India with Abhi after we were married was my first time traveling outside of the US. I guess you could say that this trip was what really gave me the travel bug and has made me want to travel around the world even more. I enjoy visiting and experiencing different cultures and different ways of doing things. I think it’s important to broaden your perspective and to see the different ways things can be done to be the best person that you can be. This is what gave me the motivation for coming up with this blog’s title ‘Our Global Love.’ While I have an intercultural relationship, which has given me a tremendous outlook on both US and Indian cultures, I still have so much more to learn and so many more experiences from which to grow. Not only do I want to experience other cultures for myself, but I think it’s important for our children to also experience other cultures and ways of doing things to broaden their horizons and make them better citizens of the world. I want to share my journey with you. My journey is far from perfect and I’m learning along the way. I hope that by sharing these ups and downs and my different experiences I am able to inspire you to live their best life and love to the fullest.

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  1. Very sweet photo and I love the whole vibe of your blog. Love to you and your husband from a “gringa” and Salvadoran couple 🙂

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