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Hey there! Welcome to Our Global Love, a site that aims to share the journey of our freedom based lifestyle as an international family of four. Truth be told, we live an unconventional life, rejecting the idea of what it is to be “normal” and we welcome you to join us for the ride. We hope that through sharing our story and our insights we can help motivate you by showing you it can be done—to live life on your own terms even with kids in tow. As we learn and discover along the way we provide tips and tricks and insights into traveling as a family, living in another culture (as a tourist and an expat), melding cultures together, raising international kids, and our adventures as a family.


So why should you follow along with our journey?

We don’t fit into the typical 9 to 5 stereotype and wanted more from life. We come from opposite sides of the world with a unique perspective on pretty much everything. As a couple we decided to pursue a freedom based lifestyle, which now includes our lovely children. Rather than be stuck doing what society tells us to do, we have decided it is more important to be happy, pursue our passions and projects that appeal to our interests, and to have a global perspective of the world. We believe that you should have the freedom to be who you were meant to be in the world, rather than what other people tell you to be.


Be a free thinker. Read and learn as much as you can. Travel the world and gather experiences. Embrace the things that are different. Make a positive impact on the world.


This blog will cover topics including:

  • Freedom Based Lifestyle
  • Location Independence
  • Homeschooling
  • Family Travel
  • Being a Digital Nomad
  • Raising a multicultural family
  • Parenting